Customer Stories

Plains Land Bank consistently receives positive feedback through successful customer stories and we want to share them with you. 

It’s one thing to watch a commercial featuring smiling farmers and ranchers and it’s another thing to read about real-life examples of people like you who are constantly pushing the envelope in this industry. 

You can follow in their footsteps.

Learn about their journey and how they persevered in the face of obstacles, whether production-related or caused by climate. 

There are no trade secrets. But there are smart strategies that work and we’ve seen many of them among the Plains Land Bank community. 

If you’re considering taking out a loan from us, these loan testimonials will put many of your worries to rest. It’s normal to be concerned about whether or not you made the right decision by securing a loan. Our successful members will confirm that you’re doing the right thing. Plains Land Bank is fully equipped to take care of your financial needs, so you can focus on building a legacy. 

Read more about our borrowers below or in the pages of Landscapes Magazine.

Tell us about you! Are you a Plains Land Bank member with a success story? Send it over. We would love the opportunity to feature your story.

  • Cotton on the Move

    aerial photo of construction of lonestar cotton gin in pampa texas

    A new gin opens in the Texas Panhandle as the state’s cotton acreage expands northward.

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  • Rural Lending Specialist to the Rescue

    Genn family in front of their rural home

    When you’re in the market for a new home, finding your ideal house — in the right location and at the right price — can be a challenge. Texas Panhandle residents Jason and Joanne Genn — a building contractor and a registered nurse — encountered an entirely different hurdle, however, when they were house-hunting four years ago.

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  • One Post at a Time

    close up of farmer in red tractor hat by green tractor

    A young Texas crop producer uses social media to show what it’s really like to be a farmer.

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  • Bred to Last

    miller couple with livestock

    Chiefline Red Angus traces its success to the genetics developed nearly 75 years ago.

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