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Getting a loan should be easy

Finding the right lender can be overwhelming. Choosing the loan that’s best for you can be confusing. And the loan process can take what feels like forever. You deserve a banker who uncomplicates the loan process – from application to closing.

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Avoid headaches when financing land

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Fast Service

Your application will sail through our streamlined system. It won’t get bogged down in complex processes.


We only finance rural property, so we’re experts at helping you choose the right loan for your needs.

Share the Profits

When you finance land with us, you become a member and owner of a co-op. And as an owner, you can receive an annual dividend. This essentially lowers your borrowing costs.

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Experts in rural property loans for over 100 years

We have one priority – to provide you the best loan for your individual needs. Financing rural property has been our only focus for more than 100 years. In fact, we’re the only Farm Credit lender that specializes in financing just rural real estate. So we know all the “ins and outs.” And we use this expertise to ensure you get the right loan for your situation.


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    “It’s hard as a young farmer to buy a piece of land. Everyone needs a little help to get started, and Plains Land Bank was there to help me."

    - Jesse Wieners, Plains Land Bank Customer

Financing your land with us is simple

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To find out how you can

Meet a loan officer

Discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team. Together you’ll choose the loan that’s right for you.

Complete a loan application

Apply for a loan with our easy-to-use application.

Celebrate land ownership

Enjoy your place in the country. We’re here to help you finance your land purchase – every step of the way.

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Stop worrying about choosing the right lender, and finance your land with Plains Land Bank

We understand applying for a rural property loan can be complicated. That’s why we’re here. We guide you through the entire lending process to ensure you get the financing that best fits your needs.

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10 steps to buying rural property cover